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August 17, 2011. [05 Dec 2011|07:51pm]
And then there was that time I met Alex Rodriguez ...

But I'll save that story for another time.
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100 movies. [15 Aug 2011|12:02pm]
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Tino Martinez! [30 May 2011|06:51pm]

I wasn't sure where to post this, but I thought this journal was fitting considering. Anyway, let me tell my "Tino autograph" story. I did not get to meet him, but that is how the story begins in a way. My family and I were visiting Disney World. I was maybe ten or so. For those of you who do not know, Disney World is home to the ESPN Zone on Disney's Boardwalk. Sometimes they do live broadcasts from there (or at least they did). We ate there for lunch and dinner a lot and one day we found out Tino was going to be there the day after we were leaving. Tino has been my favorite player since I was really young, so naturally, even at ten; I was heartbroken. I wanted to meet him terribly. I thought of what I could do and I decided to get one of my postcards that I had purchased and bring it down to the ESPN Zone with a handwritten note to Tino. At this time, Tino was on the Cardinals. I explained in my note that although I was a Yankee fan, I followed Tino to the Cardinals and cheered and rooted for him there and St. Louis had become my "second team" just because he was there. Not sure what else the note said for sure, but it probably was a lot of babble about how big of a fan I am. I know I asked him to please sign my postcard and send it back to me too.

So, I brought it to the manager at ESPN Zone and asked him if he could give it to Tino. He said he could not promise anything because he was not sure if Tino would even be signing. I told him I understood and went on my merry way (I was in Disney World after all). A day later my family and I left and I was still pretty bummed about missing Tino. The next day I thought about him at the ESPN Zone without me but eventually I forgot that I had even left my note there in Florida. Being a ten year old, I imagine my mind was preoccupied with ten year old things. But, a week or so later, Fed Ex came to my house. I was shocked to see the package was for me since I was ten years old and I did not order anything. I was ten years old! Then I opened it and inside was my post card and the post-it note I framed it with. Tino had gotten my note, kept it and signed my post card for me AND the manager at EPSN wrote me my own note and FED EXed the package to me.

This is easily one of my fondest memories, even if I did not get to meet Tino.

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comment to be added! previously ~nyy. [16 Aug 2010|12:05pm]
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